Glow Makeup’s Incredible eBook

I know we are in the middle of the winter and there are a couple of months until the spring finally comes, but there is something that we as a women need every day no matter what day or season it is and that’s MAKEUP of course:) No matter how old are we and where we live makeup is the one thing that help us to feel more beautiful, more confident in ourselves and give us a little more extra sparkle, am I right?:) I know I am right 🙂

I am overly excited about the upcoming 2016 as I am sure all of you are and I am sure for a great start there is no better thing than some amazing promo only for you 🙂
That’s why me and organized for you a limited time offer – free makeup eBook by the force behind Glowmakeup – Lana Vallo.
Read more about Lana Vallo here. And take a look at her makeup courses. It will be very interesting for you to know more about her work and her achievements, I am sure:)





Download the book following this link as soon as possible and start your makeup on a whole new level right now. I have already downloaded this book and I am loving it!

Don’t forget also to take a look at Lana Vallo’s unique portfolio.

The makeup looks are eye catchy with bright vibes and the whole book is so inspiring and impressive. You will LOVE it. I am telling you!

Check GlowMakeup’s shop and my favorite shampoo, which I 100% recommend 🙂

You can also follow Lana on twitter, on Instagram  and on youtube 🙂

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