Gorgeous jewelry by Angara

Dear fashion lovers,

today’s post is about my latest discovery, which is also the ultimate place for jewelry lovers like you – Angara. It is the most amazing shop, with the most gorgeous jewelry, which are perfect for every occasion, for every taste, for every outfit and for every woman. There are so many high quality products that you will simply be fascinated. You can customize everything easily and make it unique and even more special. And from so many beauties it would be hard to decide which one to have first. At the moment there is a huge discount especially for you  15% off on all orders plus 1 free 650$ ruby pendant and Jewelry bag on all orders above 3000usd. Isn’t this amazing?

There are so many rings and earrings I want to buy from Angara, so many styles and collections, but my favorites are of course the jewelry pieces with diamonds. Look at this incredible Round Tanzanite And Diamond Halo Split Shank Engagement Ring. It is such a special ring. And what about This phenomenal ruby earrings which make me dream every time I see them:) So chic and elegant. They are on my wishlist and I would love to combine them with this solitaire diamond ring or with this emerald beauty. Oh! I love that you can also add engraving to make these rings even more personal and even more special. You can also choose to add jewelry appraisal and to add warranty, which protects your jewelry for the next 5 years against any accidental damage and/or wear and tear in order to ensure that your jewelry looks like new whenever you wear it.


As you all know I am also a huge fan of earrings, so that’s why I keep my eyes on this pink sapphire  earrings in 14 white gold. Great thing is that now they are at special price, almost on half price.


But my ultimate favorite and number one in my wishlist is the Solitaire Trillion Tanzanite And Diamond Swirl Pendant.


I just can’t take my eyes of it. Everything – from its design, the execution, the colors excite me and make me happy, so happy. To own a jewelry like this is a dream come true. Every girl, every woman deserves to have a special piece of jewelry like this, deserves a necklace like this not only for Christmas, but because we as women deserve only the best.

What do you think ladies? Which is your favorite jewelry?

Visit Angara.com for more beautiful jewelry and for many special offers.

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