In love with Zatchels

I fell in love. Again. Over and over again I fell in love with my satchel by Zatchels. It is the most amazing bag I own and I will ever own. Because I have it I don’t want any other bag. Maybe just other satchels. I have the most perfect, hand crafted, chic and high quality satchel in red. Everybody around me can’t take its eyes off this satchel and I am sure you will also love it. I am extremely happy with the whole process – from customer service, delivery, packaging and of course the bag itself.¬†Zatchels¬†ships worldwide, the quality is impeccable and the models and colors they have are so, so many. In my next post I will show you a picture of my glamorous bag, so you can see the detail, for now enjoy these beauties. And be sure to check also these amazing saddle bags.



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