Glow Makeup’s Incredible eBook

I know we are in the middle of the winter and there are a couple of months until the spring finally comes, but there is something that we as a women need every day no matter what day or season it is and that’s MAKEUP of course:) No matter how old are we and where we live makeup is the one thing that help us to feel more beautiful, more confident in ourselves and give us a little more extra sparkle, am I right?:) I know I am right 🙂

I am overly excited about the upcoming 2016 as I am sure all of you are and I am sure for a great start there is no better thing than some amazing promo only for you 🙂
That’s why me and organized for you a limited time offer – free makeup eBook by the force behind Glowmakeup – Lana Vallo.
Read more about Lana Vallo here. And take a look at her makeup courses. It will be very interesting for you to know more about her work and her achievements, I am sure:)

The Perfect Make-up eBook by Lana Vallo

Today’s blog article dear ladies is all about our favorite part of the day as a women – the makeup.

Makeup is very important part of almost every woman’s routine and if made beautifully will make a difference. It will make us feel better, help us be even more confident and more comfortable in our own skin. But if the makeup is done bad it will make all our effort and time we put into making us feel special and look great go to waste and the effect will be the exact opposite of what we initially intended. So, you understand how important is to do it the right way;) But how to do it right? Doing makeup professionally is not one of the easiest things to do.


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Amaranthine skincare giveaway

Hello dolls,

today I have very special giveaway for you! You would love it! 🙂

I teamed up with the lovely Amaranthine skincare team and we organized for you this awesome giveaway;)

You have a chance to win the gorgeous Genesis Collection Face & Neck Firming Lotion

The wonderful Genesis Collection Face & Neck Firming Lotion is an anti-aging, firming lotion with peptides which boosts the collagen production and helps restore skin’s elasticity and tone it, so you will have visibly firmer face, neck and decollete. Perfect, right?


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