The Fabulous and creative clothes by VeniVici

As all of you know I love online shopping. It is easy and you can always find amazing new products on places far from you, places you may never visit. Distance is not a problem with online shopping and you can have your dream clothes or accessorizes in just one click. Thanks to the amazing online shops I found the best and yet my favorite items and clothes. Every once and a while, I share with you some of my top favorite places to shop and most of the times they are online shops of course;) This time I am sure I will grab your attention even more with my latest find – a fabulous online shop, which I haven’t talked about before. The stunning shop is VeniVici – my new favorite fashion destination and a place where I will come over and over again to shop.

perfection-is-my-name (2)

keep-calm-minions (1)


perfection-is-my-name (3)

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I am craving this gorgeous T-shirt and also LOVE the Perfection is my name Ian and Jamie! Such a clever idea and also very sexy T-shirts and that is not easy to do with a T-shirt :)) Keep calm Minions is such a bright and fun print and Lost Robert D is a must for all Iron man fans like me :))))

A very clever feature at VeniVici’s website is that you have the option to make your own models. Here you can add the photo of someone you like and wish it could be your boyfriend, for example Keanu Reeves and the T-shirt would show that “your boyfriend” Keanu Reeves is lost :)) Funny and lifting the mood 🙂 Or here you can put your real boyfriend’s photo and it would make him smile that you are proud of him and that you think he is perfect ;))

Also a nice gesture :)) And here you can do it all – you can upload the photo you want and add the text you think will fit the best with this photo and voila – you have the most awesome and 100% yours T-shirt 🙂

These are my favorite clothes and they are making it so much easier to be unique and

they reflect your personality in the best possible way.

Take a look at VeniVici’s Facebook page and you are welcome to share your thoughts about this awesome products with me in the comments;))

perfection-is-my-name (3)

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