The wonderful jewelry by ANTOANETTA

Hi folks,

today’s article will be very interesting. I am sure you will easily fall in love with the wonderful jewelry brand ANTOANETTA.

ANTOANETTA is an incredible jewelry brand cretaed by the European born designer Antoaneta. Throughout the years she managed to create phenomenal jewelry pieces, which led to many successful projects and collaborations including designing a necklace for one of the most watches video clips of Britney Spears, Couture shoulder piece for Black eyed peas, necklace for Kelly Rowland and many, many more.


Her gorgeous designs were included in numerous magazines. See more here. Working with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, Antoaneta successfully meets the highest expectations when designing custom pieces. I was impressed numerous times of how impeccable, original and sublime are all of her custom designs.


My favorite are without a doubt the rings from the Modern Classic collection. They are so different from everything I’ve seen lately and I know that they will be timeless. They are just the perfect everyday rings, but always leaving a trail. I have the privilege to wear this evil eye ring with sapphire and this is for sure my all time favorite ring. It is made by 14k solid gold and I truly believe that this ring protects me from any harm. Gorgeous and protects me = double win 🙂

This ring will probably be my all time favorite accessory.



When you are on the hunt for the perfect jewel or for the perfect present don’t forget to visit the Petite collection. You will find only the best from the best. And Christmas is coming, so don’t forget to give yourself the best possible present – high quality and extra beautiful jewelry by Antoanetta.

So, if you are wondering what kind of gift you need to buy ор what is the accessory you’ve always dreamed about – now you know:) Any of these rings will be the perfect choice.

The next thing on my wishlist is for sure one pair of these earrings, but I have to tell you I will have hard time choosing only one pair of earrings, so i guess I will order more than one 🙂

What about you? What is your favorite jewelry from Antoanetta? What would you like to get for Christmas? 🙂

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